Eligibility for Membership

"Retired" means an individual's state of discontinuance of any past paid employment with the ambulance service operating under the name of the Queensland Ambulance Service or the Queensland Ambulance Transport Brigade.

Ordinary Member
  • Any past paid Queensland Ambulance employee - ambulance officer / paramedic, patient transport officer, emergency medical dispatcher, administrative officer and /or technical officer who has retired (either medically and/or aged) or resigned from such position will be eligible to apply for membership of the Association provided that the applicant for ordinary membership provides satisfactory proof of service, retirement or resignation.
  • Any current paid employee of the Queensland Ambulance Service.
  • Any ambulance officer who has served with an Australian State or Territory Ambulance Service residing in Queensland.
Associate Member
  • Any person who is the spouse or partner, widow or widower of an ordinary member, life member and /or spouse or partner of a current QAS employee.
Honorary Member
  • Any past or present ambulance service employee who is granted access to the Association's private Facebook group,  but does not receive any other membership benefits.


What is required for new membership to join the Association?

To become a new member you can download a membership application from this website which is located above in the Contact drop down menu under Forms.

Email the completed application to the Secretariat for processing :  

If there a problem with downloading or completion of the form simply email for further advice.

What are the Membership Fees?

The membership fee on commencement date.

  •  Nil

An annual fee of $20.00 for ordinary members commences on the second year of membership.
An annual fee of $15.00 for associate members commences on the second year of membership.

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