Queensland Ambulance Service Retired Officers Assoc

Our Members
Any Queensland ambulance officer /paramedic, patient transport officer, emergency medical dispatcher, administrative and technical officers who have retired (aged or medically) or resigned from such position are eligible to apply for membership of the Association provided that the applicant for ordinary membership provides satisfactory proof of service, retirement or resignation.
This also includes former staff  
who were employed by the Queensland Ambulance Transport Brigade prior to 1 July 1991.

Our Goals

  • Promote friendly discussion and good fellowship amongst association members who have been affiliated with the Queensland Ambulance Service
  • Nurture a professional networking partnership between the Association and the QAS.  
  • Promote, amongst members, consideration and compassion towards each other, particularly in cases of sickness or bereavement
  • Encourage the participation of members, and participate as an Association in ambulance related activities

Membership Benefits

Membership Certificate 
- Issued to all members upon joining as proof of membership.

Access to Secure Website
- Member login for access to regularly updated information.

Social Media
- Members only can post to the Association's Facebook Group which is a closed private group.

- Bereavement notifications of past and current employees.

Social Activities
- Invites to local coffee catch-ups and basic skills refreshers within Regions when they are scheduled to enable networking with fellow former employees

- Four per year

Priority One Access
- A memorandum of understanding exists between the Association and QAS for confidential counselling services.


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